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Buy Projectors from Hard Disk Direct UK

Projectors are computer accessory that allow users to project contents of their electronic device including Cell Phones, PC, Laptop, Media Player, Home entertainment systems or even Consoles onto a screen. Projectors are integral part of multimedia dependent operations as it allows media access to a large number of audiences. Conventionally Projectors are available in market in three categories. These being Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Light Crystal on Screen (LCoS) and Digital Light Processing (DLP). The cheapest solution of these would be LCD Projectors. LCD projectors offer decent image quality within specified range but are expensive and require maintenance since the lenses are required to be changed after 2000 hours to 5000 hours of use. Standard LCD projectors have intensity of 3200 Lumens and resolution of 800 x 600.  Next for users looking for better image quality switch to LCoS projectors. They can offer much higher resolution like 1920 x 1080 and higher image intensity 4000 – 6000 Lumens making them more expensive but also a premium options for users looking for high intensive multimedia application. DLP Projectors utilize more reformed technology than LCD or LCoS filter. They employ the nano engineered lens that move mechanically on electrical signals changing light directions rapid. They can support upto 4K images and can be 6000 lumens. Even on the same resolution and intensity, DLP projectors don’t encounter artifacting or color leaking. Projectors are essential tool for every functional office and what better place to shop for projectors rather than HDD. We offer more than 500+ different type of projectors from popular brands like Cannon, HP, Panasonic and many more. So order now on and get free shipping and instant delivery.