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Buy the Latest CPU Processor from Hard Disk Direct UK

Figuring out which processor or Central Processing Unit (CPU) will work best for you is an overwhelming task.  But we are here to help! All you need to do is provide us with information regarding your computer’s workload, your budget and the amount of power consumption that you wish your future processor to possess, and our tech experts at HDD will match you with the right pick.

We are living in an era where i3, i5, i7 processors are lighting a fire under Intel, producing some of the mainstream CPUs and the best chips we have seen in years. These fantastically affordable chips offer top-gaming performance without breaking the bank.

Budget gaming does not have to be a poor act performance since HDD brings you a number of powerful options for CPU’s - even at the lower end of processor’s line up. We offer a number of options for compulsive multi-tasking people. You like to watch your movies while you game or more importantly interested in streaming the games you wish to play? You will need some extra processor brawn. We have a number of chips that would overkill in this category as well for people who are looking for game and stream.

Our Brands

At, we provide to our customers, a wide variety of industry competing brands in UK such as Intel, AMD, HP, Dell, IBM and many more. Go through our rundown of the best processors; we have detailed the best ones suiting needs of every kind of user.