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Buy Printer from Hard Disk Direct UK

Printer are backbone for home, studios and offices. Printers have been one of the most useful accessories that accompany with PCs and a necessity for office setting. The main job of a printer is essentially of converting digital file to hard copy. They have come a long way evolving from slow, cranky sounding heavy boxes only outputting text on fixed line denominations to wireless light sleek looking puppy printed full had images with vibrant colors. Most commonly printers are commercially available in two types: Inkjet and Laser Printers. LaserJet printers are generally more expensive and work by ionizing toner on specific locations as the paper go through causing the color to stick to specific location leaving the mark. A typical LaserJet printer can print up to 35 pages in a minute and can support up to 3500 pages/month while maintaining 2000+ dpi. However, maintenance of LaserJet printers is expensive with on average each toner costing around 60USD.Inkjet work by dropping or spraying droplet of ink on the page for a smoother transition. They offer much cleaner picture quality even on lower resolutions like 800 dpi. The printing speed of Inkjets goes around 10-15 pages per minute. They, however, have limited page capacity around 500-1000 pages per month. However there maintenance is extremely cheap with entire kit costing around of 30 USD or even less depending on the model.

Another huge improvement in printer technology is integration of wireless mediums like WIFI and Bluetooth technology on saving from mazes of wires running all over the place and ability to connect multiple devices at once. Nowadays printers are referred as multifunction or All in One printer having support for Scanner, FAX, Photocopier bundled with standard printing operation.

One of the inconvenience printer user faces is getting supplies like toner, image drums or cartridge for their aging EOL printers. Hard Disk Direct brings ease to such users by providing access of supplies for such printers from our deep inventory stocking models and supplies of popular vendors like HP, Canon, Samsung and many more. Order now and get free shipment with instant delivery.