Dell DIMENSION8250 120GB 2.66Ghz 512MB Intel Pentium 4 Tower System

Dell Dimension 8250 P4 3.06GHz CPU 512RAM / 40GB HDD Tower System
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Manufacturer :Dell
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    Presenting the refurbished Dell Dimension 8250 Tower, a perfect and solid shooter of performance and reliability. Fitted with an Intel Pentium 4 chipset, which has a 3.06GHz clock speed. 512MB RAM and, a spacious 40GB hard drive. This is a great combination that would give you a robust system for various uses. With 512MB of RAM, you would be able to multitask in real time. You can be sure of secure storage since the 40GB hard drive offers substantial storage space for many of your various files, documents, and multimedia. Armed with a DVD-ROM player, it provides a fluid display for video playback and software installation. This tower is perfect for you to place it either in your home or office settings. The refurbished version of this product with such a high quality, allows you to get an excellent performance at no more than half the price. The Dell Dimension 8250 P4 fits best for those looking for a trustworthy and inexpensive desktop option. 

    Processor: Powered by a Pentium 4 (P4) processor that hits a speed of 3.06 GHzThe main objective of the Dimension 8250 that runs at 6 GHz allows for steady multitasking and quick responsiveness. This processor helps you to tackle processing tasks, web browsing, and media viewing smoothly without any delays. 

    RAM: Equipped with 512MB of RAM will have no problem handling anything from light to moderate multitasking simultaneously. The function of the RAM is data processing of an immediate type, which leads to the smooth running of applications and high system performance. 

    Storage: With 120 GB storage on the system, there is room for files, photos, and multimedia. A 40GB HDD is provided for the data that you use the most often. The plentiful storage will make sure that you have plenty of room for your files and software applications. 

    Form Factor: The Dimension 8250 is the tower design option and it has a sleek tower design which makes it suitable for the desktop. Its mechanism of space-saving design styles provides the capacity to use it in your working space without occupying much space.

    Reliability: Dell is particularly concerned with reliability, and this model is equally well-built. It is built to last, so you can count on it for many great years. The highly reliable design and the high-quality materials make it perform consistently well. 

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